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We in the world, the world in us

Neklessa A.I. The Crises of History. The World as an Unfinished Project. – Polis. Political Studies. 2018. No 1. P. 80-95

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future; civilization; world system; transformation; creativity; warcraft; forecasting; complexity; preadaptation; post-modernity.

The world is going through a transition crisis, which at this stage is stimulated by two factors – theconsequences of the tour de force of civilization: the reality of a global mass society that has access to theachievements of the modern civilization, and secondly, the revolution of elites as a class and as individuals.The system of international relations is undergoing transformation, the sovereignties are redistributed anddelegated, the nomenclature of foreign political organisms is expanding. The national state loses its formerexclusiveness; other forms of political organization also compete in the international cosmos: interstate andsupranational structures, system-countries, various kinds of subsidiarity autonomies and separatist formations;state-corporations and corporations-states, state-organizations with mobile borders, geo-economic integrations,influential anthropo-social communities –power outside statehood, that are renewing the system of world ties.The dispersity of the world order and cross-border mobility are growing, the world market is acquiring features ofa special world order, the elite umbrella becomes more complicated as a regulator of power. The general trend ofthe historical process is the movement from the industrial and information landscape to the hilly landscape of thecreative society. The toolkit of civilization is being updated, the imperative of the century is not the availability oftraditional resources, but technological and anthropological advancement. The tuning fork: a complicated manin a complex world – the emphasis is shifted to venture personal coalitions instead of impersonal bureaucraticinstitutions. Institutions and rules play a smaller role. In the world, an influential character, manterpriser, manenterprise,is established as a dominant. Russia, in fact, competes today not with the US, Europe or China, butwith a generalized “Elon Musk”. Time turns out to be the basic strategic resource, it begins to dominate theshrinking (the effect of the development of physical / virtual communications) space. Movement replaces spatial organization as the dominant of social gravity and the essence of a new non-equilibrium system. 


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