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Chugrov S.V. Scientific Article: a Fruit of Creative Art, Craft, or Relevation? – Polis. Political Studies. 2015. No 3. P. 160-176.


This review is a journal version of a chapter in the monograph “Genres, Journalists, Creativity” (ed. by Dr. Nikita Shevtsov), Head of the Department of International Journalism, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the MFA of Russia. A limited amount of copies of the book has been just issued by the MGIMO-University Publishing House. Recommendations that contain this article are addressed largely to graduate students and beginners. Didactic explanation of some facts is addressed to those who “try their wings”, and is definitely not for experienced scholars and the most respected masters. Authors of academic articles can apply different methods of academic investigation, for example, such kind of comparative analysis as binary comparison, which allows uncovering general and specific traits in evolution, for example, of two countries or two national phenomena. One can make use of other types of comparative studies, such as regional analysis (to compare two regions) or crosstemporal analysis (to compare two different periods in the development of one country). At the stage of conceptualization, standard research design involves determining variables for analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. In any case, while proving or disproving a hypothesis one should provide the extension of knowledge and he/she should have a clear idea of what is the end of the research. If findings contradict conventional wisdom, it is necessary to clarify the reasons for this. Appropriate academic style, which is determined by traditions and codes of research, is analyzed here in detail. Particular attention the researchers should pay to their conclusions, which cannot be equated to abstracts. Conclusions and abstracts obtain different functions. Conclusions must demonstrate what the scholar has received as an output, and the abstract should demonstrate what the author of an academic article has invested as his/her input.


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